Living Legends

For all the love and joy our wonderful Corgis bring us throughout their lives, the Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria honours members’ very special companions with the following awards:

  • LIVING LEGEND AWARD – Certificates are awarded to dogs 10 years or over at the annual Club Championship Show.
  • THE OLDEST LIVING CORGI – Awarded to the oldest living Corgi for the year.

The Oldest Living Corgi for 2005

This year’s award was won by Glenda Cook’s Anwyl Thornbird (Imp NZ) ‘Briar’

Anwyl Thornbird (Imp NZ) 'Briar'

Briar was born on 21 June 1989, s: Ch Belroyd Stormbird (Imp UK), d: Anwyl Reach For A Star

The Oldest Living Corgi for 2004

This year’s award was won by Ken & Margaret Marshall’s Teifi Love Potion UD ‘Amber’. Amber is pictured here on her 17 Birthday.

Teifi Love Potion UD 'Amber'

At 17 years & 3 months she strode into the ring with a real spring in her step.

The Oldest Living Corgi for 2003

This year’s award was won by Llandaff Kennels’ (Alison & Jan West) Ch Llandaff Sophie Tucker ‘Sophie’

Ch Llandaff Sophie Tucker 'Sophie'

‘Sophie’ is 17 years & 5 months and is pictured with her Living Legend Award. Runner Up to the Oldest Living Corgi at 17 years & 1 month was Ch Belryde Pearl Pierra owned by
Sharon, Wayne and Joshua Ettwell

The Oldest Living Corgi for 2002

This year’s award was won by Wayne Simmons’ Ch Brightway Super Simmo ‘Becky’.

Ch Brightway Super Simmo 'Becky'

‘Becky’ was born on 1 November 1985 and was one week shy of her 17th Birthday.

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