2020 Annual General Meeting Update

The May / June Chatter included details of the upcoming Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 18th July, 2020. It was the intention of the Committee to hold the AGM in person. With the recent changes in social isolating requirements in Victoria this is no longer possible.

As an alternative we will be holding this AGM in a “virtual” environment as allowed by our rules of incorporation (rule 35 – Use of technology). While it is unfortunate that this is occurring at short notice and this is the first time that this has happened I’m sure that you will agree that these are unusual times!

The Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria will still hold the meeting on Saturday 18th July, at 11am by Zoom (https://zoom.us/). To obtain access details of the meeting please contact Mike Cronin – (03 9700 2323). Zoom is an online video conferencing facility with apps available for Android and Apple devices as well as for Windows.

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