55th Championship Show Critique

I’d like to thank the officers and committee of the Welsh Corgi Club of
Victoria for inviting me to judge their 55th Annual Championship Show.
In particular I would like to thank the club’s president Mrs. Glenda Cook
for the overwhelming hospitality she afforded my wife and I and in
addition I must thank my stewards for their sterling work on the day.

The entry for Cardigan Corgis totalled 17 in the classes and my final
line ups for both sexes were very strong. My Best of Breed winner was
a very impressive dog and after judging I found out that he has had a
spectacular career winning many Groups and Best in Shows.

In Pembroke the depth of quality in the bitches on the day outweighed
the dogs and I think this is a trait that is becoming the norm. I found
there were many males that did not have that length to height ratio
that our standard requires and I would be concerned that we are
loosing that long, level low picture that we are looking for and this is
being replaced by a shorter coupled dog, with a short neck and upright
shoulder. In bitches, my main concerns were the number of long
muzzles with the ratio of planes in some cases being more live 5:5 than

The classes of course that we all enjoy judging are the veterans and it
was nice to see the past stars of the breed enjoying their day out. I
was touched by the living legends that was so enthusiastically ran by
Diane Bailie – it was a nice to see everyone so involved in it.

Finally, I would like to make comment that presentation and handling
was to a very high standard and I would like to thank all the exhibitors
for entering their dogs and accepting my decisions in such a sporting

Alan Matthews (Craigycor Corgis)

55th Championship Show Critiques in PDF Format


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