2013 Championship Show Judge: Marina Volkova

The CV for our 2013 Championship Show Judge, Marina Volkova.

Dogs have been in my life since childhood. Our first dog was a mixed-breed. After that we took on an Eastern European Shepherd, then I started my hobby of dog training. Then I madly fell in love with German Shepherd, started serious training and took part in various competitions. At first I was organizing a German Shepherd department in the club. Dogs bred by me had a prefix “iz Solovyinogo Kraya”. Many dogs with this prefix have been famous and won major shows.

When I got married, we decided to establish our kennel. After a long discussion the name Andvol was chosen. This name is made off three first letters of my and my husband’s surnames. At the beginning we only had German Shepherds. After a while we also started breeding the Russian breed, Central Asian Shepherd. Dogs in the kennel were big and effort-consuming. Both breeds needed obligatory training. It should be mentioned that both breeds were successfully bred in our kennel.

When I first saw Pembrokes they stole my heart. I admired their lovely look and wonderful character. In addition to that, the major advantage is that this small dog still remains a true working shepherd. Little, with great stamina and excellent physical characteristics and more importantly, great brains. For me being a working-dog-lover it was a great temptation.

The first corgi I brought came from Finland in 1990. These dogs also earned the love and admiration of my husband. Since then they have never left our home. For our country it was a completely new breed. I was digging through tons of catalogues and handbooks, travelling to shows in Finland watching dogs and researching their pedigrees.

In 1995 the first litter of Pembrokes with Andvol prefix was born. This litter became a part of Russian breeds history because from these dogs started the Pembroke breed here in Russia. These dogs can still be found in our contemporary corgi pedigrees. Our Pembrokes started to successfully participate in shows. They began to win not only Russian but also European Best in Shows. Dogs with Andvol prefix became European and World Winners. For the first time ever a dog not living in England gained a title of ENGLISH CHAMPION. At the moment in the kennel we have three veteran German Shepherds and Welsh Corgi Pembrokes.

I am a dog breeder since 1980. I am officially permitted to judge breeds such as: Welsh Corgi Cardigan; Welsh Corgi Pembroke; Collie Rough; Shetland Sheepdog; Dobermann; Newfoundland; Russkiy Cherniy Terrier; and, BIG-4 at FCI CACIB (Int) shows.

I have judged variously ranked shows in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and I have been judging Corgis since 1995.

For me the most important things in judging are the overall impression, the virtue, how well the dog is built. I consider the movements and temperament to be significant (because I still believe that corgis are working dogs).

Great thanks for your invitation. It is an honour for me to see and judge corgis in your country.

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