2014 Championship Show Arrangements

The Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria have requested an outside ring for the 2014 (61st) Championship Show. Hopefully, we will enjoy a glorious Melbourne spring day; but it will be in the hands of the weather gods. If you are travelling any distance to the show please remember to pack your gazebo and sides.


Update 31/10/14: Our ring allocation has changed to the Group 5 Ring – the Top Left ring in the grassed area in the photo below. Hopefully this hasn’t caused too much confusion.

Update 28/10/14: We have been allocated Outside Ring 2 at KCC Park for the Championship Show
KCC Park Ring 2 Outside

2 thoughts on “2014 Championship Show Arrangements

  1. Not happy! After years of inside because of the doubtful weather who was the bright spark who wants it outside fir goodness sake!

  2. Hi Julie, we normally apply for an outside ring and move inside if the forecast is bad for the day. Last year we had a lovely, but windy, day outside on the front lawn. This post was just a reminder that at this stage anyone who plans on coming needs to bring along their outside showing gear.

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