2011 58th Championship Show Critiques

Thank you so much to the Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria for their invitation to judge the 58th Annual Championship Show.  The experience was one of a lifetime.  Your hospitality was extraordinary, the show facility first rate, and your dogs some of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of judging.  Congratulations on a beautifully organized show.

Glenda Cook gave us her time and attention from the minute we stepped off the airplane, and made sure that we were well taken care of.  Thank you too, to Margaret Wilby who hosted us after the show and toured us through some beautiful countryside.  The gift of the Australian mugs is absolutely perfect.  I love the extraordinary birds of Australia, and now I can see them every morning on my mug, and remember our wonderful time with you.

You all are to be commended on the quality of your Cardigan’s and Pembrokes.  My compliments go to the serious breeders who have produced generations of dogs that exemplify the corgi standards.  As I review my notes from the show, I hear the same words being repeated time and again, “beautiful breed type, correct bone, lovely head, sound mover”.  In some classes there were many that were deserving of placements.  The final line up in dogs and bitches for both Cardigans and Pembrokes teemed with quality.  What a pleasure it is to look down a line of outstanding profiles.  My winners could compete anywhere in the world and win top honours.  Thank you for the honour of judging them.

Ms Marilyn Van Vleit (Aurora) USA

Cardigan Critiques Pembroke Critiques Veteran Critiques

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Class 3 – Puppy Dog

1.  Kardibroke Kwick Silver.  Well boned stocky blue baby. He has good pigment, correct tail carriage and is sound in movement.  He has good sized ears, a flat backskull and, strong muzzle.  He was unenthusiastic about being here but he shows good promise.  BEST PUPPY OF BREED

Class 5 – Intermediate Dog

1.  Coedwig’s Eye of the Storm. Handsome black brindle dog with good breed type.  Attractive head piece with correct proportion; well set ears and dark eyes.  He has a well let down brisket but is narrower through the rib cage.  Moderately angulated with good feet and bone.  He moves soundly, with a level topline and correct tail carriage, but is somewhat restricted in side gait.Class

10 – Australian Bred Dog

1.  Ch. Bethwyn Beckrow Bequest.  Striking dark brindle and white boy with excellent length to height proportions.   He has a good croup and tail set with a solid topline. He exudes breed type and quality.  His movement is sound and he moves with steadiness and ease.  He is in good condition and shows very well. RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG

2.  Ch. Kardibroke Finishing Line (A.I.).  This boy attracts immediate attention with his beautiful color and markings.  He is a red brindle with a white collar.  I appreciated his length of body and good ribbing to match.  He is masculine and balanced.  Unfortunately he has a forward brow which detracts from his good head proportions and correct eye.

3.  Ch. Afonwen Run N On Cold.  Shorter coupled, deep bodied boy with nice short hocks and attractive headpiece.  He is attentive and beautifully trained.  Although sound, he does not have the reach and drive of those above.

Class 11 – Open Dog

1.  Gr. Ch. Dorwyn Another Miracle.  This dark brindle and white cardigan commanded the ring from the moment he walked in.  Confident and competent, he is all male without being coarse in any way.  He is quite sound moving down and back and carries correct round bone and feet.  His head is attractive and his body is well let down with good spring of rib. His topline is firm at all times, standing or moving.  This beautiful cardigan is constructed with excellent angulation front and rear and is so well balanced that his gait is something outstanding and rarely seen. His front reach and rear extension allow him to cover a lot of ground with seemingly no effort.  His lovely type, ring presence, construction and sweeping gait took him all the way to BIS.  CHALLENGE DOG, BEST OPEN OF BREED, BEST OF BREED, BEST OPEN IN SHOW, BEST IN SHOW

Class 3 – Puppy Bitch

1.  Bilbao Black Coffee.  Oh my goodness is she cute!  Her face is correct, and so pretty with dark eyes and beautifully shaped ears.  She has good feet and round bone.  She is still a bit high behind, but that will settle with maturity.  She is moving and showing well for such a youngster.

Class 4a – Junior Bitch

1.  Afonwen Bellevue Kriek.  Brindle with tan points, younger girl that just needs a bit more time to come into her own.  She has correct bone, proper feet and a classic Cardigan head.  She is moving steadily but doesn’t always carry a level topline today. BEST JUNIOR OF BREED

Class 5a – Intermediate Bitch

1.  Ch. Bethwyn Gwenhywfar.  There is much to like about both the first and second bitches in this class and the placements could certainly be different another day.  This girl is a black brindle shown in stunning condition.  Her dark coat and white feet just sparkle.  She has nice short hocks, true Cardigan type headpiece, round bone and feet.  She moves nicely going around but could be better moving towards me.  Presented beautifully.  RESERVE CHALLENGE BITCH, BEST INTERMEDIATE IN BREED, BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW

2.  Kardibroke Ice Princess (A.I.).  Another black brindle, that moves with good reach and drive.  Her head is a bit narrower in construction.  She is a sound mover but not as settled in her performance today.  Her length to height ratio is excellent and her overall proportions present a lovely profile.

3.  NZ Ch. Rodwell It had to Be You.  This girl has a good Cardigan head and a pretty red brindle colored coat.  She carries a firm topline and has a proper tail set.  A bit restricted in side movement today and is carrying less coat.  Time and a new coat will make a difference for her.

Class 10a – Australian Bred Bitch

1.  Ch. Dorwyn Get In Step.  Red and white girl with a flying gait.  Her drive off the rear is extraordinary.  She is firm, solid and sound.  Her head is attractive and she is an attentive showgirl.  She has a well laid shoulder and good length of back.  Her bone is moderate and she has a close dense coat.  When moving she lowers her head and moves with great efficiency.  She could work all day and look good doing it.  CHALLENGE BITCH, RUNNER-UP BEST OF BREED, BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED OF BREED, BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW

Class 11a – Open Bitch

1.  Ch. Kardibroke Frozen Memories (A.I.).  A red brindle girl with body length and profile to be admired.  She is long and low and a sound mover.  She has a nice flow from the shoulders through her level back and correct croup.  I appreciated her front angulation and length of rib cage.  She was a bit reluctant to be here today, but when she put it together her side gait is quite nice.

2.  Ch. Bilbao Black Routlette. A charming sweet tempered girl that was so happy to be here today.  She has good breed type and correct head plains.  She is constructed in a more upright style and sometimes stands a bit high behind.  She has a steeper croup but is shown in beautiful condition and has nice round bone.

3.  Ch. Afonwen Im Countin Onu.  There is much to admire about this black and white girl, with her excellent breed type.  She is shown in good condition and has a well laid shoulder. She tends to stand underneath herself in the rear, which spoils her topline on the stand.   Not as sound coming and going as those above, but lovely in head piece.


Class 1 – Baby Puppy Dog

1.  Dygae Brave Star.  Red and white puppy that is more experienced, and is moving nicely around the ring.  He is pretty in head piece with good muzzle to backskull proportions.  His body length is excellent and he carries good bone.  His coat is correct and in excellent condition.  Still needing to firm in topline and tighten in feet.  A really nice puppy!  BEST BABY PUPPY OF BREED, BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW

2.  Abenly Show Time.  A very attractive red and white puppy, that shows great promise.  He has a level topline and good finish over the croup.  He has good bone and correct feet and a pretty head piece. It was hard to evaluate his gait as he was unsure about what was expected today.  There were occasional glimpses of brilliance!

Class 2 – Minor Puppy Dog

1.  Trehilyn Don’t Change A Thing. A deep bodied denser style red and white with an attractive masculine head.  He has a well angulated shoulder and a well muscled thigh with short hocks.  Thick hair over his croup distorted his topline and he could drive more from the rear when moving from the side.  He is sound coming and going and is shown in beautiful condition.

2.  Anwyl Fast Track To Paris.  This foxy boy is constructed in a much different style.  He carries a good topline, but is higher on leg and lighter in bone.  He is refined through the head with more upright set ears.  Not as sound a mover today and just needs more time to mature.  He shows well and will do better when his new coat comes in.

Class 3 – Puppy Dog

1.  Bojojamile Born To Be Wild.  This red and white puppy has the prettiest head in the class. The head proportions are proper, he has a dark well shaped eye and good ear set.  He has a correct coat, firm topline and bottom line.  He moves soundly, but wish he extended more in front when side gaiting.  A masculine boy with the right amount of bone and good feet.

2.  Merthyr Finger In The Pie.  A red headed tri, a good showman and steady in movement.  He is constructed in a more upright style with lighter bone.  He is masculine with good pigment and attractive mascara around the eye, although a bit longer in foreface.

3.  Taylormade Just For Me.  A lush red and white with good feet and bone.  There is much to like about him and I appreciated his depth of body, good rib cage, and developed prosternum.  A shorter upper arm restricts his side gait some and at this age his foreface is long and out of proportion with rest of his head.  When his head develops he will place much higher.

Class 4 – Junior Dog

1.  Dygae Black Dragon.  A very striking red headed tri color with a beautiful profile.  He is well up to size, but his bone is in proportion to his size and his balance is excellent.  He has good depth of body, a level topline and flat croup.  His neck flows nicely into well laid shoulders.  A quality dog with good bone, tight feet and a gleaming coat.  I appreciated his nice head, correct coat and length of body.  He is a bit spongy in his movement which could improve with age and conditioning.

2.  Dygae Dragon Star.  I loved the breed type on this lovely red and white.  He is just the right size with appropriate bone.  His topline is level and he has a flat croup and good bottom line.  I appreciated his short hocks and deep thigh. He moves soundly all ways, but doesn’t have the side gait of the first place dog.  His head is pleasing, with a nice dark eye, but he wasn’t as eager to be here today, and carried his ears a bit low.

3.  Westend So Superb.  This dog has an outstanding head.  It is just beautiful and a pleasure to see.  He is quite plush coated and short coupled in construction.  He uses himself well coming and going and has nice short hocks.  He has a deep brisket, but drops off at the croup which spoils his profile. Wish his feet were a bit more oval.

Class 5 – Intermediate Dog

1.  Ch. Merthyr Wanda Be Silver Spoon.  A very striking red and white dog with an attractive head piece.  He has nicely laid shoulders that flow into a level back.  He has good body depth and a well developed prosternum.  His angulation front and rear, along with his short hocks allow him to cover ground easily.  Wish his feet were more oval and his pasterns not quite as straight.  BEST INTERMEDIATE OF BREED

2.  Ch. Anwyl Tribute To Paris.  A close decision between 1st and 2nd.  This young dog carries more coat and is quite glamorous.  His profile is good, but his topline slopes from withers to tail.  I appreciated his length to height ratio and the good ribbing.  He is a good mover and quite the showman.

3.  Ch. Kingrowan Rising Star.  This red headed tri color presents an excellent overall picture.  He has a lovely profile with a nice length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders.  He carries a strong level topline, but tends to drop off some at the croup.  He is a bit heavier in head style with a deeper muzzle.

Class 10 – Australian Bred Dog (What a beautiful class!)

1.  Ch. Aberlee Over The Limit.  This classy red and white dog could compete anywhere in the world.  Not only is he a beautiful mover, covering the ground with ease and confidence, but his head is ideal.  His topline is dead level whether standing or moving.  His construction is one of balance and symmetry.  A sound mover in all directions, he just didn’t take a wrong step.  He was attentive and handled to perfection.  At every glance, he was posed perfectly.  He is just the right size, without being over or underdone in any way. BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED OF BREED, RESERVE DOG CC

2.  Ch. Aberlee Leave It To Me.  This red and white boy has the profile breeders all aspire to. He has a good flow through his body lines and his proportions of length to height are excellent.  He is a sound mover coming and going, and has the prettiest of heads.  His bone is in proportion to his body and he is masculine without being overdone.  I so appreciated his good breed type.  His feet are a bit soft and today he was out moved by the first place dog.

3.  Ch. Dygae Flash Dance.  Another excellent dog and one to be proud of.  A solid red and white with good head proportions.  He is mature, masculine and striking.  I wish his topline were stronger, but he has so many other attributes.  He has good body depth, a well developed prosternum and proper ribbing.  His movement is superb in all ways.

Class 11 – Open Dog

1.  Ch. Pinemeade English Leather.  This sturdy, solid and sound red and white won this class on his breed type, conformation and showmanship.  His movement is steady all ways.  Whenever I looked at him he was standing perfectly and his movement was always spot on.  He has well laid shoulders, and a level topline.  His depth of body is just the right amount to give him substance without clumsiness. I appreciated his attractive head, well shaped and placed ears and dark eyes.  In the final line up he had that extra rear extension and ease of movement that took him to the top.  He is in firm condition and looks like he could work all day.  CHALLENGE DOG and RUNNER-UP BEST OF BREED

2.  Ch. Anwyl Late Night Edition JD AD.  Black headed tricolor built in a much different style than first and third place dogs.  His head is not as appealing, being a bit domey with a smaller ear and he carries lighter bone.  Having said that, he won this placement on his side movement.  He is balanced and uses himself very effectively.  He poses with his hind legs well back.  A very happy showman that insisted on a piece of the action.

3.  Ch. Dwynella Skye Walker.  Another sturdy solid red and white dog with an attractive head.  He is very masculine while keeping his Pembroke type without being overdone.  He is sound coming and going and moves steadily from the side.  I loved his depth of bone and tight feet, along with his level top line and flat croup.  He has a deep thigh, but is a bit longer through the hocks.  He stands very squarely and soundly in front and presents an admirable overall package.

Class 1a – Baby Puppy Bitch

1.  Anbenly Black Caviar.  This red headed tri baby is a heart stopper.  Her head is so appealing and she trots around the ring like a professional.  Her topline is firm and she has excellent bone.  Her angulation is balanced allowing for a steady gait.  What fun it will be to see her grown up.

2.  Dygae Barbarella.  A red and white girl with a deeper and longer body.   She and her sister are very similar and she won this placement on her more feminine head piece and a topline that was a bit stronger on the day.  She is very nicely put together with a good shoulder lay back and rear angulation.  She is well ribbed and a charming package overall.

3.  Dygae Star Capade.  A show girl who really struts her stuff.  I loved her length to height ratio, dense bone and depth of body.  Her body style is much like her sister, described above. She moves well and with that show attitude, her prospects are very bright.

Class 2a – Minor Puppy Bitch

1.  Anwyl April In Paris.  This black headed tri girl has nice depth of body, short hocks and good bone in proportion to her size.  She moves steadily from the side and is sound coming and going.  Her head has correct proportions, but her backskull is a bit domey at this age. A worthy winner. BEST MINOR PUPPY OF BREED, BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW

2.  Aberlee Fields Of Gold.  This is a darling red and white with some sabling.  She is quite foxy in headpiece and has a lovely profile.  She is not moving with the front extension and rear drive of the class winner today.  She is built in a lighter boned style but still attracts attention.

3.  Canaille Lilblack Lexus.  A red headed tri constructed in a more upright style with a shorter body.  Although upright, she moves steadily around the ring and carries a level topline.  Just not the breed type of the first two in this class.

Class 3a – Puppy Bitch

1.  Anbenly Puddleduck Rose.  Both bitches in this class are pretty ones.  This red and white is constructed with good length of body.  Her head is attractive with good pigment and proper ear placement.  She moves nicely from the side and is sound coming and going.  She holds her topline better on the move than standing at this age.  Her bone is in proportion to her size. BEST PUPPY OF BREED

2.  Merthyr Sweet As Apple Pie.  A close decision between these two promising youngsters.  I appreciated this girl’s nicely laid shoulders, her firm topline and level croup. A bit lighter in bone and plainer in head at this age. She is a sound mover all ways.

Class 4a – Junior Bitch

1.  Westend So Sensational.  I caught my breath when she came in the ring.  This black-headed tricolor is elegant and streamlined.   She glides around the ring and stands with a spirit level topline and flat croup.  She has just the right amount of bone and her head is exquisite.  I loved her length of body and correct ribbing.  She moves cleanly coming and going but can stand with one front foot turned to the side. Her showmanship, construction, breed type and style made her a real contender in the final line up. BEST JUNIOR OF BREED, BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW

2.  Tynycoed Lady Luck.  A sturdy red and white with good bone density.  Her face is pretty as well as having correct proportions, ear and eye set.  I appreciated her depth of body, her soundness and nice short hocks.  She stands squarely in front at all times and moves with good reach and drive.  Another really nice Pembroke.

3.  Bojojamile Among The Willows.  Quality red and white girl, standing a bit higher on leg.  She is a sound mover, but has a tendency to stand high behind occasionally.  Her head proportions are good.  She is bit longer in hock and could benefit from more rear drive today.  Just needs more time to reach her full potential.

Class 5a – Intermediate Bitch

1.  Ch. Aziah Curiouser And Curiouser.  This was a lovely class and she rose to the top.  All of the contenders in this class were sound movers and good representations of the breed.  It came down to profiles, side gait and details.  This red and white girl is quite feminine with a pretty head and an admirable profile.  Her length to height ratio is good, she carries a level topline and flat croup both moving and standing.  Her prosternum is well developed and she is nicely let down in front.  She stands squarely in front at all times and moves with ease.

2.  Dygae What A Feeling.  Another lovely red and white bitch with much to admire.  She is constructed in a deeper style, with the desirable thick well developed ham and short hocks.  Her head proportions are correct and she moves soundly.  She also has a great profile and good body length.  She is carrying a bit more weight today.

3.  Aziah Its Not For Me To Say.  This red and white girl is out of coat today, but won this placement on her topline, movement and profile.  She is an attentive showgirl and has an attractive head piece.   I appreciated her tight oval feet and soundness.  When in coat she will be a real contender.

Class 10a – Australian Bred Bitch

1.  Ch. Dygae Norma Jean.  This red and white bitch is just a picture. She is flashy with her white markings and glamorous coat.  She is balanced in every way, and never puts a foot wrong.  Her profile with firm topline, flat croup, developed prosternum and level bottom line fills the eye.  She is feminine from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, with a head to enjoy.She is a sound mover and flows around the ring with ease and grace.  She shows every minute and is handled to perfection.  Shown in beautiful condition. One that could win anywhere in the world.  RESERVE CHALLENGE BITCH

2.  Tynycoed Tania.   Well boned and muscled girl with a working style.  She is attractive with lovely red pigment and eye catching silhouette.  I appreciated her overall quality, but wish her ears were set a bit higher.  Her movement is sound and purposeful.

3.  Ch. Dygae Angel Star. Another red and white with a commendable profile on the move.  On the stand she tends to position her hind legs underneath herself which spoils the finish of her croup.  Her bone is in proportion to her size and she is feminine without being slight.  Her head is a bit blocky with an exaggerated top and lower ear set.

Class11a – Open Bitch

1.  Ch. Aziah The Phantom Lullaby. This red and white bitch is just right.  She comes as close to the ideal as I’ve seen.  The definition and detail in her head piece is enviable.  Her expression is sweet, the eye dark and perfectly set and her ears just the right size with placement exactly right.  A bitch like this emphasizes just how pretty this breed can be – and still be a working machine.  Her construction is balanced, with just the right angulation front and rear.  Topline and bottom line are in harmony to present a lovely silhouette that we all aspire too.  She was handled with a light hand and moved smoothly while still covering the ground with ease. The details are all in place: feet, bone, prosternum, topline, croup, hocks, coat and tail set.   She never put a foot wrong, her ears were always up and she gave the performance of her life. BEST OPEN OF BREED, CHALLENGE BITCH CC and BEST OF BREED

2.  Aberlee All In Sequins. A red and white bitch with excellent ring presence.  She has good body length and moves well from the side.  She is sound and has bone in proportion to her size. On the move she demonstrates good reach and drive and holds her back steady.  I appreciated her depth of body, well developed thigh and short hocks.  She is mature and solid.  Her head is attractive, but a bit longer in muzzle. Her tight feet, correct coat, movement and profile exemplify a Pembroke.

3.  Ch. Hum’Nbird Water Music.  This red and white girl is constructed in a lighter style and is very feminine.  She was a bit unsettled today and didn’t want to show off her many attributes.  She has well laid shoulders that flow well into a level back.  She moves steadily from the side but wasn’t using herself to the fullest potential today. I appreciated her tight feet, sound movement and breed type.


The veteran classes are some of my favourites.  They are all first place winners in my book!  It was a delight to have each one in the ring. Thank you for showing the “classics”.

Cardigan Veteran Bitch Class (7 – 10 Yrs)

1.  Gr. Ch. Ballyheige Hot Lil Note.  This brindle is long and low with wonderful front and rear angulation.  She has proper angular head planes and excellent breed type.  She is sound and moves like a dream.  Who would ever guess that she is a veteran?  What a blessing that she produced well for owners as well.  BEST VETERAN 7-10 YEARS

2. Ch. Welshcrest Charm N Grace. Black and white girl with a sweet face.  She moves well, but her topline is showing age a bit.  She is enjoying every minute of her time in the ring.

Cardigan Veteran Dog (Over 10 yrs)

1.  Gr. Ch. Kalora Bandelero.  Very impressive masculine brindle boy that is a real competitor.  He is well put together and very sound.  His head is handsome and he has correct round bone.  A very balanced package with outstanding breed type.

Veteran Cardigan Bitch (Over 10 yrs)

1.  Ch. Kerris Kool Breeze.  A black and white lady with so much to like.  Even at this age she is holding her topline and moving effortlessly around the ring.  She exhibits beautiful Cardigan type with her round bone and good head.

Pembroke Veteran  Dog (7 -10 years)

1.  Gr. Ch. Kingrowan Matthew West. A quality red and white gentleman, with good breed type, enjoying his day in the ring.  He is longer than tall, and carries good bone.  His movement is sound and he gaits easily around the ring.

2.  Gr. Ch. Aberlee Midnight Sequel.  This red headed tri dog is constructed with a shorter body style and stands higher on leg. He goes smartly but does not have the reach and drive of the first place dog.  His head is lovely with dark eyes and well marked pigment.  He is the consummate showman.

Veteran Pembroke Bitch (7-10 years)

1.  Ch. Pricewey Play Girl.  This superb red and white lady is an attribute to the breed. She still has it all!  Her head is lovely and she has just the right amount of bone for her size.  She is deep in body, holds a firm topline and moves well in all directions.

2.  Ch. Niretha Kartanya.  What a show girl this tri colored and white girl is!  She reaches and drives with athleticism.  Her topline holds better on the move than on the stand. It was a pleasure to have her in the class.

Veteran Pembroke Dog (Over 10 yrs)

1.  Gr. Ch. Kevlain Colour My World.  Shorter coupled handsome tri colored dog shown in wonderful condition.  He remains firm and strong and could compete with the youngsters.  I appreciated his level topline, short hocks and good bone and masculine head piece.

Veteran Pembroke Bitch (Over 10 yrs)

1.  Aberlee Summer Loving.  You would never guess this girl is almost 12 years old.  Her face is still soft and pretty and she is in lovely condition.  She still demonstrates the excellent construction and breed type of a young dog.  Her movement is sound and steady, and her topline is still firm.  She has good depth of body and tight feet.  A testament to the breed. BEST VETERAN 10 YEARS & OVER

2.  Gr. Ch. Dygae Silver Star.  This girl is still strutting her stuff even at 13 years old.  Although her topline is showing her age, she still moves and shows well.  I appreciated her pretty face, good bone and sound movement.  I’m sure she’s done well in both the show ring and in the whelping box

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