April 2021 Championship Show COVIDSafe Event Plan

The upcoming April 2021 Championship Show will be held under COVID conditions. The Event Plan is attached, please make sure that you are familiar with this before the event. A QR registration code will be available on the day.

April 2021 WCCV Dogs Victoria COVIDSafe Event Plan (PDF)

COVID-19 Regulations

Dogs Victoria have just issued the following guidance for holding shows in the current environment. The upcoming April 2021 Championship Show will be held in accordance with this guidance.

Tabling Dogs

Originally, we treated a ring table as an item of shared equipment that had to be sanitised each time it was passed to or handled by different people.  It was difficult.  However, if it is not touched or handled by people it is not shared equipment.  Therefore, with appropriate rules, a ring table simply becomes something for the dogs to stand on.  These are those rules

  • No person may touch a ring table including handler and judge
  • No brushes or equipment may be placed on the table
  • The table must be sanitised when moved by a steward, at the start of judging and following any accidental touching

Temporary Shelters

Temporary shelters are umbrellas that are fixed to the ground and gazebos.  To enable social distancing, we have in place rules for spacing and occupancy of temporary shelters.  Fitting walls on a gazebo can change how many people it can hold.

  • Space all shelters at least 1.5m apart.
  • Follow advice of a Covid Marshal in setting up a shelter and check it is at least 1.5m from adjacent shelters.  Marshals have a 1.5m measure stick for that purpose
  • Fitting 2 or more walls makes a shelter an indoor area and can only contain people from one household and no more than 1 person per 2m2unless they are wearing a mask
  • Fitting one wall or not fitting walls makes the shelter an outdoor area, so keep people 1.5m apart and mask are not required
  • Keep shelters back from the 2m space around each ring

Entering grounds

When you enter a show or similar event through either Easy Dog or Show Manager you will record your name, vehicle registration number and the names of others traveling with you.   If there is room after entries have been closed you may apply to the secretary to attend just to watch.  Upon arrival all attendees must:

  • It is important to accurately record all attendees with your entries
  • Not bypass entry checkpoint
  • Queue up your car, to be checked in by volunteers
  • Follow their directions how to proceed to a parking area for your group
  • Only if there is room it may be possible to register for attendance on the day of the event


Handling in the ring includes short periods of close proximity between a judge and a handler, while the rest of the time people are well spaced for Covid safety.  That means the mask is only required during close proximity and certainly not required while running a dog.  Therefore: 

  • Have your mask with you at all times
  • Come into the ring via the entry and leave via the exit
  • You do not need to wear your mask while:
    • physically distancing
    • in a line-up
    • running your dog
  • Wear a mask while:
    • in the assemble area if you are less than 1.5m from others
    • the Judge is going over your dog
    • when less than 1.5m from any other person
    • when judge is moving down the line less than 1.5m from handlers
  • A judge and handler should not touch each other nor may they shake hands
  • A judge must not mouth a dog.  The handler must mouth their dog for the judge to see its bite

Draft: Model Rules for an Incorporated Association

Attached are the proposed new Model Rules for an Incorporated Association. The change is a result of a change in legislation in the state of Victoria with the introduction of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (and its associated Regulations) replaced the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

These rules will be the subject of a resolution at the Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria’s 2014 Annual General Meeting to be held at KCC Park, Westernport Highway, Skye on Saturday 24th May, 2014, commencing at 9:30am.

Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria new Model rules for an incorporated association (PDF).

Breeding Code of Practice

The “Code of Practice for the Responsible Breeding of Animals with Heritable Defects that cause Disease” can be downloaded here in PDF format (Gazetted: 18 June 2009). Or you can read or download the Code of Practice directly from the Department of Environment & Primary Industry.

Code of Practice for the Responsible Breeding of Animals with Heritable Defects that cause Disease

The code is made under section 7 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986. The Act makes it an offence to intentionally or recklessly breed a dog with a disease that is listed in the schedule.

The code requires that when a dog with a heritable defect changes owner the new owner must be made aware of dog’s heritable defect status. The breeder must provide the new owner with the microchip implant number of the dog and a veterinary certificate with the microchip number with details of the diagnosis.